>Puppet Soul© is already use in productions!

This studio use it, and it was include in his pipeline :
> Téléimages (Marathon Group) : They bought The Soul Library and Dynamic for the TV series "Foot2Rue". All studios involved in the series will use them : XYZ (China), 2D3D (Angouleme) and Maga (Italy)
> Lumine Studio. Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2011. All Modules use for TV series and ads.
> Delapost Paris. Since 2011 They use mostly the Soul Dynamic and Library.

PuppetSoul© Was used to create puppets in studios, and animators play with:

> Digital Graphics : ;Le tout nouveau testament".
> Ufx : ;Papa et Maman".
> Walking The Dog : ;Richard The stork". Hundred fo Birds and Humans! (2015)
> Walking The Dog : Another Day Of life;. Pipeline Tools (2016)
> Walking The Dog : Some puppets and props created with PuppetSoul for the feature "he Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart". All were included in the pipeline and used in animation with succes! (2013)
> Delapost Paris : A lot of advertises and shorts (from 2009 to now)
> Sparx Vietnam : Tom And Jerry production done with 50% of puppetSoul© inside! (2010)
> Zeilt Productions : short and teaser (2012)
> Ankama : two puppets for "Wakfu" (2009)

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