>SoulBuilder Showroom : Rig your puppet. With a soul!

Soul builder is the auto rig module of puppetSoul
> Divide your rigging time from 2 up to 10, Improve your animation time by 15%
> Easy to use for the rigger, easy to use and realtime for the animator
> Apply rig from one character to another on the fly (Mass rigging)
> No limitation for the puppet : biped, quadruped, alien, Props, etc...
> Pipeline independant
> Open architecture : Inifinite "Member" (Body part, but also Utilities).
> Write your own members easly without touching the PuppetSoul Code
> Apply the rig on a complete character or only a part.
> Add Scripting to the AutoRig Sequence : High customization

Rigged puppet features
> Fk/Ik for spine, quadruped spine, arms, foot and more
> Smooth Ik (prevent leg snap during puppet walk)
> Squash and stretch, reverse curve, fine tweak (draw the final shape of the arm, spine, ...)
> High choice of anim control
And a lot more...


>SoulLibrary Showroom

Soul Library is a poses/anims/selections Library
> Store poses/anims/selections between animators
> Blend poses
> Manages them : lock, color, comment
> Apply poses/anims/selections to another character