>PuppetSoul© is an Autodesk Maya Plug-in
for Rig and Animate any kind of puppets (with a smile):
bipeds, quadrupeds, aliens... No limits!

PuppetSoul© Rigging side provide :
> A complete Rigging solution : Rigging process divided by 2 up to 10
> Build ANY type of creature. No Limitations, no stuck to a template
> A realTime dynamic system adapted for digital puppets.
> Easy to use, to learn, for the rigger and the animator.

But PuppetSoul© is not only Rigging centered:
> A complete solution for helping animation : animate 15% faster!
> A complete ToolBox for day-life TD.

See the Videos on the Showroom


>PuppetSoul© is designed to be able easy to use, fast and without any limits.

PuppetSoul© Goal is
> RealTime centred for animation use
> Learn Puppet Soul in a short time! User friendly...
> No creature type limitation : build biped, quadruped, dragons, aliens, octopus...
> Can be plug to any pipeline !
> Transfert rig form one creature to another on the fly
> Modularity. You can develop your own body-parts easly
> Animator and Rigger smile focus !